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Account Management Team
Contact For: DocuSign Questions, Account & Contact Information, Billing Information, Local Events, Trainings, and Visits, Account Escalations, Standard Account Management Questions
Michael Wood
GM for Boost Elevate
Telephone - 212-742-2316 ext. 714
Email - mwood@b2bsoft.com
Dustin Lodato
National Account Manager
Telephone - 212-742-2316 ext. 772
Email - dlodato@b2bsoft.com
Alex Keyzner
NE and Midwest Regions
Telephone - 212-742-2316 ext. 772
Email - akeyzner@b2bsoft.com
Vicky Cam
West Coast
Telephone - 212-742-2316 ext. 743
Email - vcam@b2bsoft.com
David Rodriguez
South & Southeast Regions
Telephone - 212-742-2316 ext. 708
Email - drodriguez@b2bsoft.com
Elevate Technical Support
Technical Support
Telephone - 212-742-2316 - Option 2
Marketing Support
Telephone - 212-742-2316 - Option 6
Open A Support Ticket
A1 Charge - Merchant Services Account Management
Taurean Williams
West Coast, South and South East
Office - 212-742-2353 ext. 766
Cell - 973-816-7590
Email - twilliams@a1charge.com
Technical Support
Telephone - 212-742-2316 - Option 4
Email - CCSupport@b2bsoft.com
Open a support request at elevate.b2bsoft.com 
Leonid Dvorkin
North East, Midwest
Office - 212-742-2353 ext. 749
Cell - 917-340-2020
Email - dvorkinl@b2bsoft.com
Training and User Success Team
Contact For: Onboarding, Intake Calls, Quick Start Training Calls, Initial Database Credentials & Configuration Set-Up, Weekly Webinars for Ongoing Training, New Version Demonstrations
Anastasia Mitchell
National Training and User Success Manager
Telephone - 212-742-2316 ext. 742
Email - amitchell@b2bsoft.com
Melissa Melendez
Training and User Success Coordinator
Telephone - 212-742-2316 ext. 711
Email - mmelendez@b2bsoft.com
Gloria Laureano
Training and User Success Specialist
Telephone - 212-742-2316 ext. 723
Email - glaureano@b2bsoft.com
Amit Mitra
Training and User Success Specialist
Telephone - 212-742-2316 ext. 720
Email - amitra@b2bsoft.com
Ellen Greene
Training and User Success Specialist
Telephone - 212-742-2316 ext. 709
Email - egreene@retailpossupport.com 
Live Weekly Training Webinars
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We offer weekly web training refreshers for you and your associates every week on Reporting, Sales, and Inventory.

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